Friday, January 15, 2010

Creativity in Exercise...


Who would have thought that two syllables would have been such a workout and so much fun!

Ever since discovering that I had degenerative disk disease two years ago, which forced me to give up any exercise that involved a lot of impact, I have been searching for an exercise routine that would be fun, challenging and not hurt me.  Tonight, Nick and I went out together on a “date” to the Zumba class at St. Pat’s Family Center .  42 people shook and shimmied and sweated for an hour as the instructor put us through our paces.  41 women and Nick.  He was VERY brave and actually enjoyed himself!  Two women came up to me afterwards and told me that I had the coolest husband in the world and I agree!

Zumba mixed Latin dance moves, bouncy music and a LOT of upper body work.  I kept modifying the routines so that I wasn’t breaking contact with the floor the way some of the younger, perkier people there were, but I love dancing and it was still an awesome workout!  The only problem is... my bum hurts.  I can’t wait until next Friday!

INHALE:  Staying fit shouldn’t be about locking yourself into a routine or type of exercise that becomes a chore... it should be about celebrating how your body can move and taking joy in that.  Kids are rarely still. They move like hummingbirds, graze at food and crash for naps when they get tired.  It’s too bad that we learn to override all that as adults.

EXHALE:  If you have been going through the motions with your exercise routine or avoiding having one at all, it’s time to be creative. Find something that feels more like PLAY than  a chore!  Think back to the type of activities you used to do as a child for inspiration or browse through the brochures at your local fitness centers.  I was able to try tonight’s class for free since it was my first time. I would pay just $6.00 or less for any future sessions and don’t even need a yearly membership.  I also adore the Wii Fit Plus game we got for Christmas to go with our board because it has new games to try, new challenges and more ways to tailor individual workouts.  Whatever you discover, remember that creativity can apply to ever part of your life, even getting back into shape or staying that way.

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