Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Does Creativity Differ From Day to Day?

There are times when Creativity just seems to flow as easily as breathing and other times when it moves slower than molasses on a -30 degree January night.

I fully intended to have the overhaul of my websites done during November... and yet every time I  got a few minutes to work on the basic organization of it (as well as the look), something would happen or interrupt me.

Today, I finally got everything updated and even posted a contest on my Doodling Dragons blog .  I put the best of my sketchbook pages on flickr so that I can link a slideshow to my websites.  I mailed out an order to a distributor after batching everything.  I am working on some Biology sheets with little drawings to help the struggling students.

Why does it still feel as if I am moving through quicksand?

INHALE:  Perfectionism is something that I have struggled with all my life.  Sometimes the voices offering advice were external, but mostly they are internal.  The past few years have finally started to teach me that it isn’t so much about doing something perfectly, it is more about just doing it.  Does is matter how fast a job gets done, how well a job gets done or just that the job gets done?  The answer can be different at any given moment, but the trick is to make sure that you at least make an attempt.  To do nothing does not help the world in any way.

EXHALE:  If you find yourself making lists and checking them twice or marking way too many things on your calendar as we flip the page over to December, don’t forget to add some Creative doodles to lighten the mood.  Your challenge today is to go online or into your local newspaper and find a cartoon that makes you laugh.  Print it out or cut it out and paste it into your book to make you a smile anytime you return to that page.

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