Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Home Again...

Does anyone else have trouble coming back from a trip and getting back into a routine?  I think the most creative thing that I did today was dream.  I went back to bed on a grey rainy day as soon as I got the girls onto their school bus to catch up on some of the hours of sleep that I missed at the CreativFestival this weekend.

The day after the festival is usually a quiet one if I can help it, but today wasn’t all that quiet.  Nick came home sick from work today. He and Erin seem to be coming down with a nasty cold that I am hoping Bethany and I can avoid catching!  My main computer was also acting a bit wonky, so I had to run a check on it.  I am sure that I am not alone in finding the transition back to reality a little abrupt by bedtime tonight! There must have been tired but happy stitchers, quilters, beaders and even exhibitors all trying to get back into the routine of their daily lives today.

The thing about a creative weekend is that you bring a bit of that magic along with you, in memories, inspiration and projects to work on until your next escape.  I am learning how important  and satisfying that daily search for creativity can be, even if it does seem buried under the laundry I had to do and the supplies I needed to get out of the suitcases and back into my office!

INHALE:  We sometimes think that Creative projects have to be big and glorious, intricate and innovative.  Little ways to add something creative you our daily lives can also be just as magical, especially if they are quick, easy and unexpected.  Don’t always try to take on something hugely creative when something small will do just as well.

EXHALE: In the next few days, find tiny ways of being more Creative for someone ELSE in your life.  Write a note on a napkin for your child’s lunch box, slip a note with a silly joke  or nice compliment into  your spouse’s briefcase or wallet so that they find when they least expect it or pin up a crazy Internet cartoon in the staff bathroom where you work.  Giving other people a smile or brightening their day is not only Creative, it makes others feel better about themselves and this world.


  1. Hello Jennifer,

    WOW! Your personal journey project sounds is so inspirational. Do you mind if I follow along? Long story short...I had a stroke in August and I am not that old, only 46. I have been off work since then have regained almost all normalcy :)...I just found your site and inspired to follow along. Do you mind if I do it to, using your inhale, exhale approach? This is so timely due to the above reason but also numerous others ;) life throwing a lot of curve balls! I noticed that you haven't posted since Monday so I'm hoping that you are not throwing in the towel. Do you write everyday? I haven't read through all the posts yet but will be doing, wow, innovative and inspiring and so CREATIVE!

  2. Hi there,

    You are MORE than welcome to follow along and try any of the exhales or inhales that you find interesting. I am trying to do one every day, but only share the best. There have been a few duds that I had to toss out, but those end up being learning experiences... right?

    Enjoy the journey! I had fun peeking at your blog too! Good luck with your recovery and NEVER give up on the possibilities that still lie ahead for you!